Saturday, August 29, 2009

Multi-media artist or animator job are in high demand - only need an associates degree

According to an MSN article written on a multi-media artist or animator job, the following information discusses the potential of seeking this exciting career field:

Multi-media artist or animator
Average earnings in 2008: $29.99/hour, $56,330/year

"Multi-media artists and animators are the bread and butter employees for film, cartoon, television and Web animation studios. Duties can vary by training, specialization or the specific needs of the employer. Following graduation of a two-year degree or career training program, animators and artists may be hired to create original sketches, map out entire story boards to match the script, or produce special effects. Job growth will be fueled by an increase in demand for professionals who can produce 2D and 3D animation effects for films, Web sites and video games. New jobs will also open in education, science and research design. Consider courses in software animation programs and illustration. The Labor Department foresees a 26 percent increase in jobs for multi-media artists and animators between 2006 and 2016" (MSN Encarta, 2009).

Check out the article at multimedia artists and animators

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