Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mozilla Firefox is the worst Internet explorer

Do not use Mozilla Firefox. The new updated version keeps crashing. If you have no choice but to use it, then please write your responses, drafts, and other content using another program. When Firefox crashes, you lose everything that was written in the process. Very frustrating, especially when time is an issue.

Do not trust Mozilla Firefox. I should know better because I have Safari on my Apple. I have no idea as to why I use Firefox. Ever sine the new update, the program has been crashing at least once a day. Imagine being a writer; losing quality work because of a poorly flawed program.

Do not trust any system with writing out quality pieces. Always try to make it a point to save all work. Never take the chance of trusting any Internet Explorer. Technology ruins great ideas. How often can you remember everything that was written?

I have lost great work because of the Internet. Write out all of your drafts using another software, then paste the content to the intended location. MSN, YAHOO, AOL, and other e-mail accounts have caused me to lose great e-mail responses. The only effective site that remembers work when logged out is

I learned that you can trust any website because you will lose great work. After taking the time to write a quality piece, the amount of time since logging in and between the completed task may cause a system delay, which will log off, making you lose what you have written in the process.

Please be aware of Mozilla Firefox. Their program is unstable and ineffective. They used to have a good program, but with new updates, you can no longer depend on the program anymore. I dislike Mozilla Firefox. Very poor program that is not worthy of being an explorer.

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