Sunday, August 30, 2009

Writing tip for the day 8/30/09

The writing tip for the day is to watch a good film and dissect it for its writing. I urge students to also take part in this activity. After watching The Final Destination last night, I'm feeling more motivated to finish writing some of my scripts. The dialogue, story, and the choice of deaths in the film have definite issues. Either go to the movies, or rent a DVD in one of those DVD play machines for a $1.

Pay attention to the dialogue, and the visuals. The plot should be structured like an academic paper. Students can learn from dissecting films because their papers require a quality introduction, body, and a conclusion.

Good papers rely on a strong thesis. The same theory applies in film. A good film must have a strong plot to be effective, using a setup, confrontation, and resolution to mirror its beginning, middle, and end.

Write a one page review about the film. Try to avoid recounting too much of the plot. Focus on the quality of writing in terms of the dialogue, the plot development, theme, and the main plot idea. In every Final Destination film, the main theme is death. The plot latches onto the first premonition like the thesis sentence does in academic papers.

Writing a short film review will surely help you to improve your writing skills. Be creative in describing the film, carefully critiquing the writing. You can mention what you would have done to make the film better.

Have fun taking part in a film review.

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  1. That's a good exercise. Being able to summarize well would certainly help you to write more concise and tight.