Saturday, August 29, 2009

Using a Tens Unit for pain management

Tens units are inexpensive. They can effectively treat muscle pain. You can purchase them online. Do a Google search. Look for my Coupon Cactus article. There may be some discounts on the website.

Pain pills are not reliable in managing pain. They only block the pain. After you take a muscle relaxer, the medication blocks the pain - the brain and pain communication are interrupted.

I used the Tens unit for the first time yesterday. It reduced my back pain. I connected the 4 electrodes to my lower hip area - place them a square pattern. The module impulses provided a soothing energy that loosened the muscles. A majority of back pain is due to deferred pain from the hip, feet, knees, and others structural problems.

Tens units are good for pain management. You can use the unit on your calf, thigh, shoulder, bicep, and in any other place to treat pain. Avoid placing the unit on the front part of your neck because it can interfere with the carotid artery. Also, please don't use the Tends while operating a vehicle. A malfunction may jolt you into an accident.

In my case, a physical therapist demonstrated the Tens unit - she gave me a set of instructions. Tens units are very easy to use. Be careful with turning the nob up too high, as the jolt will surely be uncomfortable.

Don't use the Tens unit for more than 40 minutes in one session. Avoid using the Tens before sleeping. The constant impulses will irritate the skin. Use the Tens Unit as much as you need to, but break up the session in intervals. Don't use the Tens unit in the shower, or while taking a bath. Don't place electrodes on bony prominences.

The Tens unit can be clipped to your side. Treat the Tens unit like you would any other electrical component that has batteries.

It is better to treat the pain instead of just taking medication to interrupt pain. Consult your healthcare providers about a Tens unit for pain management.

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