Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Feel better after going to gym

As of late, I have been feeling down about everything in life. I was struggling to find the energy to write. I decided that I should go for a workout at the gym. I didn't take part in a strenuous workout, but exercised enough to relax me. Taking some time away from writing helped me to rejuvenate. Essentially, I was able to regain my focus.

Whenever you feel negative or lose motivation, take a moment to escape activities that exhaust you. Overworking yourself to the point of exhaustion can cause you to become negative, and possibly to feel down.

I wouldn't consider myself depressed because I am able to complete work, but a combination of work and financial instability are causing me to constantly think about alternatives to make life better.

Try to take up on an outlet away from your professional responsibilities. Going to the gym, taking a walk, or drawing will relax the mind. You will immediately notice mental improvement. Writing is about having fun, not being stressed out about life. Don't let life defeat you.

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