Thursday, August 20, 2009

E-mail and website submission tip

The technology take for the day is to make sure you select all and copy before sending an e-mail. If you spent a great deal of time writing an e-mail, the e-mail site may have logged you out, making you lose all that hard work.

Any time you write an e-mail, always make sure you copy what you have written before sending it. I always find out the hard way, especially after writing a good e-mail response, then losing it afterward because I was logged out of the system.

Remember - select all that was written, copy it, and have it for a backup just in case you are logged out of your e-mail account. Use this same approach for anything that involves writing on another website. If you submit the work, there is a possibility you may lose it once the website doesn't fails.

***Always select and copy the writing sample. After the submission successfully goes through, then you don't have to worry. If it doesn't, then reopen or resubmit using the paste function.

Don't let technology ruin your creative responses.

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