Thursday, August 20, 2009

Submitting photos and film footage to make some nice money!

Submit Photos to Shutterstock and make $$$!

Shutter Stock is a cool company which you can upload photographs to make money. Once you start a new account, they will allow you to upload an initial set of 10 photos to screen them for lighting, compositions, and marketability.

After being approved on the initial batch- 7 out of 10 need to be approved - you will be able to make money through other subscribers downloading your photographs. You will get paid .25 per download, meaning that with 1000 downloads, you can make $250.

Any time you upload any picture with a person in it, you have to submit a release form. Even a person picture of yourself requires a signed release form. Pictures that are taken of others can be uploaded as news footage.

Shutter sock also needs film footage as well. They pay a percentage, possible $15 or more per download. Since the uploaded photos are yours, you have the right to keep them. You're not really selling them, as they're actually representing your photos with charging memberships, which you receive per download pay.

Please click on the link below, visit the website, and submit your best quality photos. Upload photos that you like most, but also ones that you would pay for, if they didn't belong to you. Don't forget that they need film footage as well. A simple hand pouring wine is in demand. New channels download content they need for shows.

Good luck and snap away!

Submit Photos to Shutterstock and make $$$!

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