Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sign up for a free MSN Live accont: meets personal, professional and educational demands

If you don't have a MSN Live account already, open one up for free. MSN e-mail accounts have a Skydrive that allows you to store 25gb of content in your e-mail account. The Skydrive can be found under the "More" link - select the skydrive. The drive will help you free up memory on your hard drive, and also make the information more accessible on the go.

The MSN Live Office Space holds 5gb of work that is compatible with all MS Office programs, which allows you to collaborate with other professional clients or students in real-time. You can find this link under "More." Click on Office Live.

MSN e-mail accounts are far better than AOL and Yahoo because they cater to professional, personal, and educational users. I don't even pay attention to my AOl and Yahoo accounts anymore because MSN has everything I need to keep organized and to have fun.

Having an MSN Live e-mail account makes living easier; you have an all-you-need-and-can-do e-mail account that does everything to make you happy.

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