Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't let Life Defeat you

The Moment of Truth is about a young man that graduates college. He has prepared for this moment - applying for jobs and trying to survive. Life seems to work against him. He must deal with honoring his parent's wishes - for him to have a good life - and also realize that his girlfriend is not going to return - she passed away.

The young man tries to continue on, but faces the pressure of surviving a life he thinks is not worth living anymore. This was an amateur film I shot using a K-3 camera and Kodak 16mm black and white film. I want to make some changes, but have to save up money. I have the original film spindle and need to pay to transfer the content to a mini DVD. Since I shot this film, my editing and audio skills have vastly improved.

My main goal is to write film. In the film, I tried to convey that this young man is lonely and has no support. Please share some insight and some good constructive criticism. I'm always interested in your feedback. The film needs some editing, more focused shots, and also better sound. Some out-of-focused shots work to establish that the young man lacks focus. Thank you.

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