Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't be a Cheater

The film above is a student film. I didn't use high quality sound, lighitng, and or special effects that others tend to use. You may find it not of your taste. Since making this film in early 2005, I have learned more techniques. After graduating film school, I bought more books, read other literature, and practice.

When filmmakers and students make films, they know beforehand; there is no way they can please everyone. As long as they give the audience enough information to understand the film, then maybe more will like the people than hate it.

Filmmakers produce films to entertain and sometimes they look to incorporate allegory and motifs to encode hidden messages. Watch films to enjoy them, but also try to look for the religion, political, and other themes in the film. Alex Proyas's Knowing makes good use of the Christian theme. Pay attention to the obsidian looking rocks, the Aliens with wings, and the ending.

As for this short film, it made just to make people laugh and for entertainment purposes. When I showed it to a film class, they were confused and more than likely hated it. We all transform our skills. Be innovative and take chances. Not every filmmaker produces great work on their first try. The three short films included on this blog were experimental and not intended to be great.

Surely, if I were to make a film now, I would incorporate motifs, allegorical themes and also use a variety of twists, manipulate the plot, and employ other techniques. Making a film is a learning process. We are always learning and growing.

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