Thursday, July 23, 2009

Slowing down

Many times we try to rush results. Instead of listening to others, we try to carry every conversation. Sometimes we just need to slow down.

Don't try to race through every yellow light. Don't try to take 6 courses so you can graduate early. Don't complain when you don't get that promotion. Don't treat others bad because you feel life didn't go the way you hoped it would. Keep the moments simple.

Go to the beach. Have a nice dinner. Go watch a baseball game. Shop in little shops in a small town. If you live in California, take a walk in downtown Sausilito, State St. in Santa Barbara or even Pasadena. Be adventurous; do things that you have never done before.

Slowing down your life will keep you from being negative. Your success needs your positive energy. Live life the way you imagined, but take your time in transforming those obstacles into accomplished dreams. We try to take on too much in life. Managers, family, and friends expect us, and make us feel obligated to speed things up.

Imagine if your heart continued to beat out of control. Sooner or later, you will have health problems, maybe even a heartache. Speeding things up will make you lose your mind. Slow down your life. Make use of all your resources around you - read books, listen to music, write a story, share your thoughts with your mind, and just be happy.

Rushing life is what John Ortberg's The Life You Always Wanted identifies as the "hurrying sickness." After reading the book, it made me think about the many books I purchase to help me live a better life, but I never find any time to read them. I try to take on too much, leaving me with no time to do the most important things.

You don't have to be a Christian or practice other religions to adopt Ortberg's spiritual disciplines. He delivers a system to leading a spiritual life. Just know that slowing down is better than rushing.

Analyze the turtle and rabbit race. It uses the same theme, as slowing down will make you a winner. Learn to slow down your mind to lead a spiritual life. Make time activities that will seal your fate. More than likely, slowing down will help you to realize your dreams.

Slowing down is the key to living. Some people may find it hard to slow down because time is money. Employers may rush results due to upper management pressure. Would you rather be one of those people that looks like they are about to explode or be the other that is well in control of their destiny?

The most successful people in the world are usually the ones that stop to think. They utilize good decision making. When you watch Congressional hearings, they look incredibly boring. Would we want lawmakers rushing decisions? The government appears to be working slow, but they know what issues need immediate attention. Slowing down helps one to make better decisions.

Slowing down is not waiting for luck. Don't think of every bad situation as an unfortunate event. Learn from them. Change the way you confront those processes in the future. The next time you find yourself racing through to make it through a yellow light, slow down. Complaining and being negative only complicates life. Have you ever noticed that the same people that rush results are the ones who do most of the complaining?

Slowing down is the key to success. Try it. Learn it. Adopt it. Make slowing down a part of your life.

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