Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Tasty Ribs

While working at a restaurant in Southern California, I served a table with a grandmother, grandson, and a granddaughter. The grandson ordered the kid's ribs.

I delivered the food to the table. The family started to eat. I checked on the other surrounding tables. From the distance, the grandson was tearing apart the ribs.

I visited the table to make sure everyone was doing well. I asked the grandson if he thought the ribs were tasty. When he heard the word tasty, he started to laugh and snorted like a pig. He continued to laugh out of control to the point where the grandmother had to discipline him.

After I left, I knew that I got the grandson in trouble. I told another coworker about using the word tasty. She laughed just like the grandson. She said, "Who uses the word tasty?"

The coworker compared the word to what a 70's pimp or a cheesy guy would use to hit on another girl. "Hey baby, you look tasty," is what she had in mind.

Adding tasty as an adjective to the ribs caused the grandson to get in trouble. The tasty reference caused another comedic moment.

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