Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Flying Sandal

On my best friend's birthday, we all went out to Disneyland and a few other places. It was a rather hot day. My best friend just turned 30 years old. We walked around the crowded amusement park, rode rides, had breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and shopped in many of the stores.

Near the end of the night, we were trying to find the Peter Pan ride. Though I never mentioned it, I wanted to ride Space Mountain.

When I walked across the railroad tracks, the ones that were near the center of Disneyland, my sandal got stock stuck in the railing and broke apart. I sure wasn't happy about the situation.

Since we all planned to go to the Animal Park and then San Diego, I failed to pack any other shoes or sandals. Here I was trying to drag the other sandal and unable to maintain my balance, knowing that we wouldn't have time to stop by a store to purchase another.

Because of the broken sandal, I constantly tripped over my foot. Near the Alice in Wonderland ride, I got so fed up with the sandal, I kicked it off my foot. The sandal smacked a lady in the back of the head. As she held her head, she looked for the object that was responsible.

My best friend, his girlfriend, and my fiance started to laugh hysterically. It was the kind of laughing where one has to clutch their stomach to keep from cramping up. I slowly walked over and grabbed the sandal. The lady had no idea that she was hit on the head by a flying sandal.

Afterward, I had to buy a pair of Mickey Mouse flip flops. They were blue with white little Mickey Mouses all over them. I thought they would be temporary, but I had to wear them the entire weekend. The broken sandal taught me to bring an extra pair of shoes on trips, not taking a chance at another flying sandal experience.

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