Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Easy Cheese

Servers have to use different words to communicate with cooks. 86 means that the restaurant is out of an item. Easy is another word to suggest that you don't want too much of something.

When I served a table with a family, the mother ordered an omelet for her child; she wanted a little cheese. I jotted down the order. She heard me say easy cheese.

The mother said that she wanted little cheese. I confirmed the request with saying easy cheese. She said no easy cheese please, just little cheese. I eventually caught on and told her that easy cheese meant little cheese.

The mother told me that she thought I meant Easy Cheese. She said that her kids hated the Easy Cheese in the can. It's the kind of cheese one that comes in a whip cream looking spray bottle.

Due to the misunderstanding, we both hysterically laughed. The mother laughed to the to the point where she felt embarrassed. All the laughing made my ribs cramp up.

The easy reference made the lunch an enjoyable experience for a family. It gave me a laugh that helped me get through the busy lunch rush. Easy cheese does it again.

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