Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The British and the German Pilot

At a restaurant, I waited on a customer that served in World War II. He shared a story about a British and a German pilot.

During World World II, a British pilot tried to outrun a German pilot. The German pilot pulled in closer and switched to guns. He was unable to get a clear shot.

The British pilot slowed down, bringing the German pilot in closer. Eventually, the British pilot escaped the wrath of the German pilot through using the clouds.

One day, almost five to six decades later, a man talked about the story about the British pilot escaping the German pilot. Another person overheard and knew about this pilot.

The two pilots had indeed, survived the war. Later, the German and British pilot were reunited and became the best of friends. They still managed to compete against one another about the plane experience that took place over 60+ years ago.

The German pilot said that he had the British pilot; he was ready to shoot him down. The British pilot claimed he was too quick and skillful to be shot down.

World War II united two people that were once enemies.

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