Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Milipitas or Gilroy Walmart?

While driving on 87 North in San Jose, my fiance and I debated over which Walmart we should go to. I wanted to get an oil change at the Milipitas Walmart. She liked the Gilroy Walmart more. It was decided that we would go to the Gilroy Walmart.

The oil was last changed about 6,500 miles. There was little traffic on the 101 freeway. As we passed Morgan Hill, we were making good time to Gilroy.

Passing near San Martin, a few vehicles quickly moved out of the way. Out of nowhere, a large shovel sat right in the middle lane. There was no time to maneuver around the shovel. I had no choice but to roll over it.

The impact of the shovel smacked the bottom of the car. I thought nothing of it and continued to drive on the freeway. Gilroy was nearby. I still needed to get that oil change.

A few minutes from the exit, the oil light popped on. In the rear view mirror, there was a trail of oil. All of a sudden, the car started to run rough.

I drove as quick as I could to the Walmart Gilroy. The car made it to the parking lot. I quickly shut the car off. What I discovered was that the shovel sliced a clean cut across the oil pan, making the oil spill out.

Instead of getting an oil change to maintain the vehicle, now I had to deal with trying to fix a broken oil pan. My goal was to get an oil change and now I had a broken oil pan that would be unable to hold any oil.

I believe that the Milipitas Walmart was a better choice.

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