Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wicked Broadway Tickets

Publication date: 2008

Plan to visit New York City in the next few weeks? There are Broadway Wicked tickets still available. I can't guarantee that these tickets are priced fair, but ticket vendors have these show tickets.

Wicked tickets are only sold out at the theatre and the box office. However, Wicked tickets may be purchased online. I recently wrote an article suggesting that ticket resellers standing on street corners may have Wicked tickets. In our opinion (don't use this advice), I would take this route if you just arrived in New York City and want to watch Wicked during your stay.

It is unlikely you'll find Wicked tickets available in box office booths or inside the venue. Theatregoers can take a risk to stand in line on the day of the Wicked showing to purchase cancellation tickets. However, there is no guarantee to score these tickets.

The best option is to purchase tickets online. In a hurry? In my opinion, you may consider visiting a reseller to purchase Wicked tickets. The last alternative is to stand in line to request cancellation tickets. Whatever alternative you choose, I wish you luck in finding Wicked tickets.

Written by Jason Allen Goodlin

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