Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Be aware about buying movie tickets online and other movie deals

Going to watch a movie? Movie tickets can be purchased online. However, be aware of the added cost of processing fees.

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Fandango is one of the most popular movie ticket companies online. On Fandango's website, you can find movie showtime, and then reserve the tickets online. However, online movie tickets will cost you a processing fee. Fandango is a good resource to locate movie theaters and showtimes, but their processing fees increase the cost of movie tickets.

If you want to buy movie tickets, consider purchasing at the movie theater. Most movie theaters have electronic ticket booths where you can purchase movie tickets using a credit card. Purchasing movie tickets from online movie ticket vendors is like using valet parking services. I never use valet parking unless I'm going out to a fancy restaurant.

The next time you watch a movie commercial or see an online banner featuring movie tickets, just know that movie ticket vendors charge a processing fee. The ticket processing fee usually ranges from $.75 to $2. Processing fees are most common for loans, which I find to be an inconvenience. There's no way I will pay a processing fee, especially when the movie ticket prices are already expensive.

Take advantage of the student and military discount options. Many theaters off special discounts during weeknight showings. In addition, purchasing movie tickets before 6pm will save you money. These are known as matinee times. Purchasing special movie passes can also save you money. There are special tickets that theaters and other vendors sell in bulk.

Look for shopping center deals on boxes that offer movie tickets, as well as certain brands which give tickets to consumers who buy a certain numbers of products. Check Craigslist for people who are selling movie, popcorn and drink ticket packages.

The next time you consider purchasing movie tickets online, be aware that movie ticket vendors such as Fandango charge a processing fee per ticket. It may be better to purchase the tickets at the movie theater. Watch out for expensive snacks and drinks. 

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