Wednesday, August 6, 2014

San Francisco Giants quest to win a Championship

Original date: October 2010

The San Francisco Giants are destined to win a title. They were underdogs in every game and series. Most critics even counted them out in making it past the Phillies. After Madison Bumgarner pitched a gem, Tim Lincecum has an opportunity to accomplish a 52 year dream, to win the first title in San Francisco franchise history.

Congratulations to Madison Bumgarner for tossing a gem. The 2010 San Francisco GIants are a resilient group that continues to defy the critics. Nobody gave the Giants a chance to win the World Series, only their true fans and those that understand the importance of quality pitching and defense. The Giants' veterans also proved that experience matters most. With several past WS winners on the roster, the Giants are poised to close their season in Game 5.

What looked like a near loss in Game 3 and Game 4 in Atlanta, is now turning into a dream. Sometimes you have to focus your eyes because the dream is becoming more clear. The San Francisco Giants are one victory shy of their first World Series in San Francisco history. The 1962, 1989 and 2002 teams are praying for the 2010 San Francisco Giants to win one more game. The 2002 San Francisco Giants, led by an offensive juggernaut, Barry Bonds, were within striking distance to win their first title. Dusty Baker removed Russ Ortiz far too early, which ended the San Francisco Giants' dream.

The Giants' organization never gave up. They went out there and put together the best pitching staff in MLB. These pitchers are a young group that have dominated the pitching scene the past few years. San Francisco's starting pitchers Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Jonathan Sanchez, Madison Bumgarner, Brian Wilson and the bullpen are the best pitching group I've seen since the 2006 Chicago White Sox pitching staff.

The San Francisco Giants are one win from attaining the San Francisco Dream. Can Tim Lincecum close the deal? Everybody will be watching tonight. Barry Bonds never won a title in his 21+ professional career. He wanted so badly to win a title, and he never reached that goal. If these Giants can win the 2010 World Series, they will honor the great teams before them. The 2010 San Francisco Giants are built on pitching.

A month ago, I tried to sell two Los Angeles Dodger tickets at Los Angeles Stadium. One ticket reseller told me he liked the San Francisco Giants. He said they were one player away from becoming a World Series team. He mentioned the Giants needed a superstar player such as Barry Bonds to carry the offense. These Giants have been consistent with winning games on the road. The main reason they're going to win the World Series is because of their pitching staff.

However, one must also give credit to their defense and clutch hitting. The Giants may not have the best offense, but they never give up trying to score, even with two outs and no runners on base. The last time the Bay Area won any kind of championship is when the San Francisco 49er's won the 1995 Super Bowl.

Northern California has been waiting for this moment. The 2002 San Francisco Giants, the 2002 Sacramento Kings and the 2002 Oakland Raiders all had a chance to win championships.Now the 2010 San Francisco Giants have a grand opportunity to complete their magical run. Make us proud Giants.

Go Giants!!!!

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