Thursday, June 26, 2014

Loneliness is a bad recipe for disaster

Many people are lonely in this world. We assume that celebrities who have everything are happy. However, these famous figures fall into the lonely trap, too. Nevertheless, recent shootings involve lonely people who may sought after attention in their lonely world. Loneliness is a bad recipe for disaster.

Mass shooting in Colorado, Isla Vista, Virginia Tech, Connecticut, and other tragedies may have a connection to loneliness. What would motivate these troubled individuals to take innocent lives?

The most disturbing crime against humanity is the young man who murdered 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary. I can't imagine the pain the community is feeling. It's a tragedy that will scar the minds of these loved ones forever. What did these little children do to deserve this fate? They did nothing wrong, only lived a happy life until a senseless and lifeless individual decided to wide their existence off the face of  this planet.

For those who survived, one religious member suggested that God saved one child and didn't spare the others adds salt to the wound. To make such a comment desensitizes the mourning process. Any person with moral values would risk their lives to save one child. We wish no children and adults died in any shootings, but the sad reality is that weapons are an excuse to cloud violence. We live in a violent world, and innocent people are put in the middle of this war against humanity.

We can't hate our lives and complain about unfortunate events. If we have financial problems, we can fix them. If we have health problems with a good prognosis, we can recover. However, if we are murdered by the hand of another person and/or hear of innocent people and children dying in shootings, this tears us apart. All of our complaining and whining is nothing compared to these tragic events.

People are lonely. Society is over critical. If we have physical flaws, we worry about how people view us. If we lack money, we fear that people will think we're poor. Kids laugh at other kids; they bully the weakest link. Worst of all, many people on this Earth are lonely. Some individuals can handle being lonely because they choose to operate alone and deliver at a higher efficiency. There are people who need constant attention; they grasp at acceptance and popularity so much that when all social circles close, these people are lost in their private world.

The next time you hear a family member and/or friend complain that they're lonely and can't take it anymore, try to talk to them. I know that many people are consumed in their own lives. We have responsibilities and must be accountable for our actions. Nevertheless, we have time to connect with lonely people. These people need that special moment to understand their social value and self-worth. A simple talk to let this person know they are desired and for them to be patient in this fast-moving world could make all the word of difference.

Loneliness doesn't have to be a rotten ingredient that sparks nasty violence. We can move past violence and pave the road to a prosperous future. There is so much beauty in this world. Watch and listen to a stream. Walk in the woods. See the Redwood Forest. Climb up the tallest lighthouses. Drive on the most beautiful roads. Visit the most unique national and state parks. Walk into a California Mission. We don't have to be lonely; the world wants us to find peace and enjoy its miracles. 

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