Thursday, August 1, 2013

Old unused blogs that make us laugh!

If you want to have some fun, type-in a generic keyword and You will find many unused blogs or old blogs where people think they have the motivation to write content. Their "About Me" speaks as if they are ambitious and talented writers. However, these blogs have too few posts to be taken seriously. Old unused or under utilized blogs are cyber junk.

How many people assume writing is easy? Everyone wants to write comments on social media websites, blogs, and in forums. We see old and new websites with outdated information. This happens too often on the web. The proof that wannabe bloggers lack inspiration to write is the number of posts uploaded and the date of their last post. Real bloggers and/or writers produce content often. They write daily to maintain their talent. Writing exercises the brain. If a writer stops producing work, their writing abilities regress.

When you engage in cognitive performance tasks, the brain grows smarter. It can retain more information and process this data much faster. The brain operates like a computer. We run our minds like an electrical system in a vehicle. There is no need to reference any medical research studies to realize that writing daily will enhance your writing skills.

What is the reason a blogger will register a highly generic blog and abandon it after a few posts? We've visited some old blogs with one post from over a decade ago. Some don't even go as far as to develop this blog; this website functions as a placeholder with nothing good to offer web surfers.

Want to visit a highly successful Blogger website? is one of the best we've seen. It has more than 4,000+ sites linking-in. This is phenomenal considering the amount of links translate into greater than 100,000 unique visits per month and as high as 1 million consistent UV per month. This is an achievement on a website that is not affiliated with Google (TM). Google Operating System is one of the best blogs on Blogger, if not the greatest ever.

Want to have fun? Visit the most generic keywords on the Read the "About Me" on this website. How many posts are uploaded on the blog? When is the blog's last post written? These are reliable indicators to determine how serious a person actually is with wanting to create a useful blog. Enjoy the blog ride!


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