Thursday, July 25, 2013 is a really cool movie website in the making

After watching The Conjuring last weekend on opening night, I searched the web to find a website all about paranormal movies. My web search turned up dead until I typed-in just for the Hell of it. To my amazement, I found a movie website all about paranormal movies.

The paranormal is still going strong. We've seen apparitions (Paranormal Activity movies), ghosts (Mama + The Conjuring), Aliens (Dark Skies), The Dibbuk box (The Possession), demonic possession (The Devil Inside) and previous red-faced demon (Insidious) and upcoming Insidious Chapter 2.

This genre is on fire. The paranormal is as exciting as it has ever been. Upcoming remake Carrie is adding metaphysical elements into the mix. I believe Paranormal Activity 5 is due out this October.

Definitely, Paranormal movies are going strong and the craze for these types of movies will not die out. Check out the movie website below.

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