Thursday, June 20, 2013 is becoming a quality job website

The Internet is flooded with thousands of job websites. Many people are looking to share their knowledge on how to give a great job interview, what skills are required to land a good job, what are the best jobs, what college degrees are lucrative, and a variety of other job tips. is a job website that is reliable. It gives honest information to help job seekers land a good job. If you are currently working, this may not represent your dream job. Low paying jobs are easy to find, but employers implement strict requirements to reject overqualified job applicants. 

I view this strategy as employers abusing their authority. In reference to my academic and job history history, you will notice that I possess 4 college degrees, served in the military as a medical technician, have strong customer service experience, and enjoy writing for fun and as a profession. 

I currently work as clinical content writer for a top medical facility. I got this job by revisiting a past job I performed in college. It was tough to accept this job because this position lacked income potential. After 6 months working at this serving job, I fell behind on my student loans and struggled to pay my bills. I could barely afford to eat more than once per day, though I enjoyed a few meals on random days. 

I used this position as a stepping stone to land another lucrative job. Another customer recommended that I write medical content for a top medical facility. I stayed persistent to pursue this job until this awesome lady finally landed me a meeting with the research manager. I was invited me to accept this writing position. 

My writing portfolio unlocked the door. I usually write diverse content to maintain my writing skills. For the most part, the writing samples gave me plenty of material to submit to this medical facility. In current time, I write medical content daily. I finally get to revisit the medical field after separating from the military in January, 1998. Moreover, I have an opportunity to write medical content that makes a difference. 

My next goal is to accomplish the screenwriting dream I set out to do 19 years ago. I am now ready to make this dream happen. It is never easy to live your dreams. You must believe in the journey. Prepare for this dream to avoid ruining a valuable opportunity.  

Visit to read interesting job articles. Never give up on your dreams. 

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