Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Buy A NOOK color or a NOOK black and white: Holiday Present Ideas

For the past few years, Barnes and Noble's NOOK has been the hottest e-reader in the market. Many may disagree, suggesting that Amazon's Kindle is the more popular choice between the two e-readers. However, the NOOK has a classic book look that doesn't look like a kid's toy. When I purchase electronic devices, I look for durability, quality, battery life, usability, and appearance. The Kindle is a nice e-reader with many features, but the small keyword and the screen makes it look like an oversized Blackberry. Why should you buy the NOOK color or the previous NOOK model?

Barnes and Noble perfected the NOOK. They transformed what used to be an ordinary e-reader into one with style. I remember browsing Sony e-readers and various e-readers at Target and Wal-mart, and none compare to the NOOK. The NOOK has a clear black and white screen that is vivid in detail. The 3G & wireless option make online surfing an awesome web experience. The only drawback is the Nook's inability to play flash. However, the new NOOK color can now play videos, which enables a user to enjoy the convenience of social networking platforms rich in such material.

Although I don't own the NOOK, I always wanted to own the device. College students have to worry about paying for tuition, rent, car payments, insurance, supplies, utilities, and much more. There is no room left in the budget to purchase the NOOK. I decided to wait on buying the NOOK, but then the NOOK color came out this week. The new charcoal casing and the color screen are a plus, while the 8-hour battery life and no 3G are a minus. Furthermore, the hollow slight of the bottom left of the NOOK color ruins the overall appearance of the device. 

Even with a few drawbacks, I'm still sold on the NOOK color. The color and touch screen features put NOOK color in another class such as in competition with the IPAD. The $250 price tag is enticing. The charcoal casing is an upgrade from the white casing. The only feature that is holding me back is that the NOOK color lacks 3G. I tend to read many blogs and articles online, especially when I'm traveling outside of the house. I prefer to purchase the complete package, so waiting to get the next NOOK color with a 3G and wireless option may be worth the effort. However, the NOOK color is too sexy to pass up. I might have to break down and purchase the new NOOK color.

Parents searching for a great gift to give their children who are attending college should purchase the NOOK color. At a cost of $250, the Christmas gift will be a great educational asset. I once owned a Compaq IPAQ in 2001. The unit cost $675, and lacked wireless or 3G. College students who want to buy a gift for their parents can afford the NOOK color. Parents will find the NOOK color to be convenient, stylish, reliable, and definitely a nice reading companion to enjoy the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and to browse daily news across the web. However, the previous NOOK model is also a good choice for those that value battery power, that like a traditional black and white book feel and the 3G & wireless capabilities. Get the NOOK today to enjoy a great reading experience with style.

Written by Jason Allen Goodlin

The All-New Nook! The Simple Touch Reader just for $139 - Buy Now at BarnesandNoble.com!

Update: Houston thieves robbed us and took my Nook Color. They continue to use this Nook Color device since the Houston police failed to submit a legal document to Barnes & Noble's Legal Department to find out who is using the device. I decided to not shutdown the device to not bring any attention to the thief.

The new owner reregistered the device and put it in their name. Funny thing is that Barnes & Noble knew the name and address of this individual. However, they couldn't release this information of a thief. I suppose thieves who committed a first degree grand theft have more rights than noble citizens. They even took my Social Security Card and U.S. Passport, along with thousands in valuable property.

Be careful to never lose sight of your Nook. Learn my Houston travel disaster that no matter how nice an area is and how many surveillance cameras and security are available, something bad will happen. Inadequate security, lost footage, and worthless state-of-the-art surveillance resulted in our robbery. This robbery occurred at 4-5p.m. on April 16, 2012. The Houston event impacted our future. We lost out traveling to take a finance test to possibly get jobs in San Francisco the following month - May 2012. Every candidate who took the test got hired in 2 months.

In this current time, we haven't recovered from this Houston experience. If I had a $2,500 retainer, I would pursue a case against Houston. They swept this crime under their rug and moved on. Their poor treatment (Houston Police, Carrabba's, and Town and Country Insurance) can be viewed on HoustonTravelExperience and VisitHosuton


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