Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Apple Product Review

Apple Macbook Pro
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Apple computers are the best laptops. Why should you buy an Apple?

Apple is viewed as the BMW of the computer industry. Four years ago, I received an Apple PowerBook G4 12-inch notebook for a college graduation present. This Apple notebook computer continues to work like a military tank. Under extreme working conditions, Apple notebooks perform multiple tasks at an optimum level. Why do Apple notebooks make the best graduation presents?

High school and college students deserve the best quality computers. Students who are assigned writing assignments such as term papers, essays, critical reviews, 4-Mat book reviews, and research papers cannot afford to take a chance depending on unreliable computers. Hence, students need a reliable computer to complete their assignments before the deadline. Therefore, an Apple notebook is the perfect companion to handle Internet research, word processing, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.      

Apple notebooks are in a class above the competition. Many PC notebooks are unreliable because their batteries fail, AC adapter plugs burn out, monitors drop pixels, heating fans steam out of control, and the processor and RAM become overwhelmed with demanding tasks. On the opposing side, Apple notebooks are designed to handle high-performance tasks.

Apple notebooks are sleek computers encased in a nice aluminum body. Their computers have long-lasting batteries to promote mobility, contain vibrant TFT monitors to reduce computer eyestrain, and feature an innovative OS X that withstands most computer viruses. Unlike Windows PC notebook computers, an Apple notebook can be put in sleep mode for weeks at a time. In essence, Apple notebooks make the best graduation gifts.    

Update: Houston thieves busted out my car windows and took everything we owned, including my prized Apple computer I owned for almost 5 years. Read the story here about this travel disaster

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