Friday, June 22, 2012

Maintaining Persistence as a Writer

Do you continue to try after you keep failing? Are you a writer trying to break into the writing  industry? Persistence really works. You will never realize your success if you give up.

In the past decade, my struggles have prevented me from accomplishing my goals. Every time I set a goal, there always seems to be a recurring obstacle or an impossible challenge blocking me from reaching the road to success. I have worked extremely hard to make it to this point in time, but I question the unfortunate chapters.

For the most part, I stopped writing about my struggles to keep myself from falling into a negative trap. While I may complain about my life experiences, I feel that it is better to be positive than to sit back and wait for a miracle. I realized that my struggles have taught me to be persistent, which is the main reason I never give up on trying. My philosophy is that if you keep trying, there is no way you can fail at doing something you enjoy most.

The next time you lose faith in your goals, just remember that persistence is the most powerful antidote to rejection. Every time you get rejectected, learn new techniques to overcome your weaknesses. We can never fail enough. Influence followers to believe in their dreams. Persistence definitely works!

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