Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Media Creates Conflict in Relationships

I recently browsed a MSN picture gallery on the top celebrity cheaters of 2010. It got me thinking about how many people are accused of cheating, when in fact they are faithful to their partner. There will always be at least one person in every relationship with insecurity and trust issues. Why is there conflict in relationships?

The media creates conflict in relationships. Many people have recurring arguments over what goes on in famous people's lives. Such conflict may arise over text messages. One incident that is misunderstood will forever put a person into a boiling pot along with the rest of the cheaters.

The more celebrities caught for cheating, the more couples will engage into shouting matches on whether they're being unfaithful. Many women tend to accuse their male partner of infidelity, even though is no actual evidence to prove their claim. Again, text messages have exposed many unfaithful male celebrities.

Each time the media reports on a new text message scandal, such news will increase conflict in relationships. Women collectively agree that all men are cheaters. Celebrity cheaters are their proof that mostly all men have cheating tendencies. It doesn't matter if one has never cheated on their significant other, the media will draw enough attention to add pressure to an already stressful life.

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