Saturday, December 4, 2010

Do affiliate programs actually work?

Do affiliate programs actually work? I never had any success with CJ. Because I failed to generate any leads since opening a CJ account, my affiliate account was closed down. I always hear about blog owners and online companies making money with affiliate programs, but I never see any actual metrics support that claim.

Affiliate programs have never made me any revenue, not even a penny. Do people click on the affiliate banners to purchase products and services from the business. I never produced any results with promoting various companies I had success with in the past.

Building traffic is the best strategy to generate leads. However, there is no guarantee that another will click on an advertising banner. I own the domain I attached a Fandango banner on the site, which in results never produced any clicks. Instead of working with affiliate programs, I decided to attach my eHow template on my domains.

I determined that people are actually clicking on the article. I get results on eHow, but not enough to make a difference. Do affiliate programs actually work? In my opinion, affiliate programs work if you own a website that generate thousands of quality unique visitors. I don't think affiliate programs are effective on low traffic websites. Affiliate programs never made me any revenue.

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