Saturday, November 13, 2010

The decision to reduce writing on Magic Writer

I used to write many articles on Magic Writer. Instead, I shifted my focus to writing on On this blog, I don't attract as much interest. Sometimes I feel that nobody cares about writing tips, stories, learning lessons, and advice. I try to be as creative as possible, but my effort seems to go unnoticed. In addition, I dislike Blog Spot's blog template.

For the past few hours, I have been looking to rediscover the groove to keep me interested in Magic Writer. However, the blog format has changed, and I find it challenging to locate past articles in the blog archive. I once provided feedback on a multimedia animator position. Now that I need the article, there is no easy way to locate it.

Every time I type in the word animator, job, multimedia graphic artist and anything regarding animation, the search results turn up empty. When I write on WordPress, I can find my past articles with ease. On this blog, every article turns into a small grain of sand that's lost on some deserted island.

I may look into migrating my articles to another location. In the past year, the majority of my focus has been geared toward domaining, which I host many of my domains at Why Park. I managed to find many quality domain names that have nice appraisal values.

I like WordPress more because the blog platform provides stats. Having access to stat information enables me to determine which articles are most popular, and which ones are less appealing. I enjoy writing, especially when I have an audience that comments on my articles. I don't consider myself to be an attention seeker, though I find that results help motivate me to prepare additional articles.

I am nearing the end of my college education. I first started attending college 1996, while serving in the Air Force as a medical technician. I dedicated 14 years to college, so now I think it's time for my education to finally give me an opportunity to succeed. Of course, I planned to write films in Hollywood. I haven't given up on that dream. However, college put me in a slough of debt that interferes with my ability to stay focused on the main objective.

Where do I go from here? I recently visited a lady I met at Starbucks. She suggested that she could help me meet the right film and television people to become a writer. I discovered later that she has a psychic business. I never visited a psychic before. The lady's daughter is also a psychic. I was told to bring all of my writing samples to the meeting. Once I arrived at the location, I knew that I was in for a surprise.

The lady was running late to the 1:00pm appointment. She told me to go ahead, and do the psychic reading with her daughter, who also has the same abilities as her. I contemplated whether to do a psychic reading, because I never planned to have a reading done. I knew the cost of the reading would be substantial amount. Essentially, I agreed on paying $75 to have the reading performed.

The daughter told me that I'm a nice person. She said I'm a giving person. However, I'm a weak minded person. She said I was supposed to have been extremely successful as a writer. Everyone was supposed to know my name. Some cycle disrupted that dream. For the past 5 years, a block has prevented me from attaining my writing goal. The worst part of the reading was her telling me that I was supposed to have been famous ago. I'm not supposed to be doing small little projects.

The daughter asked about my faith. She then discovered there was some negative energy in my family. She touched my past script writing samples, noticing that they produced positive energy. I was told that my writing is a gift, and I'm supposed to use it to inspire people across the world.

The mother finally arrived. She greeted me with a handshake. We sat down. She told me that when she first met me at Starbucks, she sensed my gift. She knew my talent was beyond passion. On the contrary, she noticed some type of block keeping me away from my goal. No matter what I do, the block would never allow me to succeed. She asked me about my faith. I told her that I believe in God.

She did mention that having strong faith maintains the hunger to attain a dream. There is something within me that pushes me to go on, even under the most severe circumstances. I was born with a gift to become a writer. Some people have the passion to be a write, but there are some that have a gift. She mentioned that every write contest I entered, I was supposed to have made it in the final round.

The mother emphasized on my writing gift. She revealed that every studio was supposed to be fighting for me.  The "supposed to" and the "famous" phrases made me feel like a failure. The mother told me that I should have been living my dream 5-10 years ago. Something happened along the way to deny me the opportunity to live my dream.

I have the ability to write on virtually any subject. My mind can replay stories with extreme accuracy. As I write, I can feel the words shaping like a puzzle. No matter how good of a writer I am, or what gift God gave me, I can never make it to the next level without discovering this block. Two people were going to be a part of my journey. One person was supposed to be good for my future, while the other would steal my ideas because they were jealous.

The good person was Cindy Williams. I met her a few years ago, but I didn't have a business card to give to her. Before arriving at the restaurant, I left my business cards on the computer desk. I always have at least one business card on hand. I wrote a past blog about my business card experience. I can't recall the bad person, because I don't socialize with as many people anymore, Ever since leaving film school, I haven't talked to aspiring filmmakers, writers, and actors.

Maybe the block the psychics speak of is me allowing myself to settle for less. I should be sending out my spec screenplays to various studios across Los Angles. but I have no clue why I keep waiting. I understand how the film industry works. I earned two film degrees, and a few other college degrees. Furthermore, I can craft scenes in a matter of minutes. Does this block have to do with my financial instability? I noticed that many times my finances disrupt my creativity? Am I attached to my family's negative energy?

Soon enough I will find out what block has held me back from reaching my dream. Nothing is more disappointing than hearing that you were supposed to have been living your dream. It's like an injured sports star being told he was supposed to be a superstar athlete that every household would talk about, but the moment has passed, as the wind carries the dust to another dream seeker.

My dream is considered a destiny. I'm supposed to write material, which to many will be held in high regard. How do I reach the top of the pyramid. We all have to take steps to reach success. I feel one step is holding me back.

I do everything that a write is supposed to do. I stay up late. I write until the morning. I drink energy drinks to maintain energy. I communicate with people that are in the business. I revise past work. I constantly write content to keep focused. Many people have dreams, but they lack the drive to chase after them.

While driving to film school 3-5 years ago, I always imagined myself accepting an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay on the Kodak Theater stage. It's one of those moments where you look back at all your struggles, and know that it was worth the challenge. I have given up a lot to carry out this dream. Hopefully I can inspire people to live their dreams. 

This blog post motivated me to write on Magic Writer again. Thank you for reading. Good luck on your dreams and goals.

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