Friday, April 2, 2010

Just lost another few domains

I just discovered that I lost another two domains which I had reserved, but couldn't buy. They both targeted PHD programs. It is very hard to let these domains slip out of my box, especially when I put in a ton of research into finding them. Because of money, I am losing out on many great domains. When these same domains sell in auctions, it becomes rather depressing. Times are very tough right now.

I am losing my passion to write because it is hard to stay focused. Having conflict with money influences my mind. For those of you who have been dealt the same cards, try to hang in there because your success will soon arrive. Your past and current struggles will strengthen you, making it much more easier to resolve future conflict. Each time I lose a domain on my list or miss out on an opportunity, I need to use that as motivation to try harder. I shouldn't make any excuses as to why I can't become successful. Even with a strong resume and good education, there are always others who have more to offer. I noticed that competition turns missed opportunities into an uphill battle to find success.

I just wanted to share how I feel about my current situation. Life is no fun when you're plagued by recurring obstacles and challenges that seem to never end. Happy Good Friday and Easter. Hope everyone is safe and has some time to relax.

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