Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to attract traffic to your blog?

I started this blog last June. I have the same amount of ad clicks as I had several months ago. I don't even know if anyone is reading my blogs. I have seven times as many blogs as ad clicks. I have 4 friends on my blog list. It seems really hard to attract blog traffic and to also sell my domains.

When I enter screenwriting contests, I always lose to other writers who have less appealing scripts. I'm starting to think that I have to continue waiting for my change at success. My blog is a failure. My writing career hasn't amounted to nothing. My degrees are collecting dust. Student loans and debt are burying me in quicksand. It may seem that I'm complaining about struggles that most people are experiencing across the country, but I leave out all of my actual struggles.

Right at this moment, I would be happy if I can attract blog traffic and to sell a few of my domains. That would definitely be a good way to jump start my career. I have a few books and several screenplays that I have been working on for quite some time now. I'm hoping to find a moment to polish them. I may experience another obstacle with trying to find representation.

Most agents would rather look for established writers instead of taking on a new addition. Everything that I am lacking right now is because I can't seem to attract attention to my products and skills. Now that I'm fully prepared to take the next step, I can look to increase exposure. Any ideas on how I can attract more traffic to my blog? Thanks in advance.

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