Friday, March 19, 2010

Haven't you noticed that goals and dreams become more of a struggle once you reach the end

Whenever anyone nears their ultimate goal, everything starts to fall apart. The stress is so intense, people struggle to function within their own space. This is the time when you have to remain focused on reaching your goal. Every person experiences adversity, which puts them in a tough position. What I've learned is that you can't give up. It is easy to give up, but much more harder to stay on course.

Think about how much time and energy you invested into your goal. If you're a student, you attended every course. You've taken tests, paid for tuition, listened to lectures, written many papers and completed the requirements to graduate college. Now it is time to use your education to further advance in life. The economy may influence your decision making abilities as to whether you will land a good job or risk losing out on many opportunities because there are a large pool of competing applicants.

Never give up on your goals or dreams. The difference between goals and dreams is how far you'll go to accomplish them. Dreams are sometimes left behind because of obligations, whereas as goals are more attainable. You can live both your dreams and goals. Don't let people in your dream field prevent you from reaching success. They may try to persuade you, even warn you that it is not worth the time and effort to chase after that particular dream. just know that every successful person wanted to succeed. They may have accidentally landed into their success, but they put forth the effort to accomplish their goals.

Millions of students will graduate this upcoming summer. Some will continue their education, while others will look to enter the workforce. The best advice I can give you is to prepare yourself. What can you do to separate yourself from your competitors. I would recommend attending a leadership program to acquire a certificate on how to lead as a manager and as a follower. Leaders know how to communicate a vision, giving them access to endless possibilities. Followers are more likely to respond to a vision than to accept control. Putting control into a group produces better results. as opposed to controlling and abusing power.

Every person has the potential to achieve success. We all deserve to find happiness. Consider using spirituality to maintain a positive outlook, while also improving your listening to land that dream job. Good luck!

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