Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thank you for your transparency President Obama

I have been watching the C-Span hoopla taking place on various media networks. What is going on with the Obama Administration? Are we a country that is falling apart? People are no longer riding the historical ship. President Obama is failing to deliver on his promises.

Politicians, in general, have to deceive the American people to secure support - i.e. national security and other significant policies. It is nothing new. Voters know this before they cast a ballot. We live in a time that is generating serious debates about whether big government is good for America. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 has already compromised the efficiency of education. Now we have to deal with a daunting task in revamping the healthcare industry.

President Obama may have had good ideas during his historical run, but he is trying to attack too many problems at one time. Transparency is one of those freedoms that people deserve as citizens. President Obama promised the American people he would share the policymaking process with his fellow Americans. What we are currently seeing is that both Houses are taking healthcare reform behind closed doors.

As Americans, we are primed to be manipulated into believing that change is possible. It is too much for the government to take on, as every social problem requires careful attention. What the country must decide is which fight has the tendency to be most important. The media is smearing President Obama because they made him into who he is today. They knew he would eventually fail at his initial goals which were set during his candidacy. 

People are so gullible; they are crying wolf. Obama made promises to hook the people. There is nothing can be done now. The younger generation voted to put Obama into office. They will have to foot the bills for his failed policies. Transparency is out the door. People will need to wait until after healthcare reform is passed to determine whether it will affect them. 

California's Governor Schwarzenegger recently pulled out from supporting the government's healthcare reform. Mayor Bloomberg also decided that current health reform is too risky for New York City. People are confused as to what should be done to fix the healthcare system. Americans don't know enough about policymaking; they question to support or oppose flawed bills. We have to wait and see where the healthcare bill - if passed - will takes us. Transparency is one campaign promise that has been broken.

Furthermore, the Iraq pullout plan that Obama promised to occur 6 months after assuming office was another one of his broken promises. President Obama hasn't allowed his current unpopularity to influence his executive decision making. Whether he has support or not, he knows that he has power over America. He has already assumed control of the highest office in the world.

People are unhappy about America's direction. Obama is leading America into dark times. Americans complain about Obama behind closed doors, but they avoid disputing the broken his promises. These are same people that will put President Obama into office for another 4 years. He is showing that experience matters most. Without having any experience as a governor, mayor, or as a senior Senator, President Obama has proven that he'll be more prone to making mistakes.

If President Obama waited, he would have been a great president. This would have been probable, assuming that his question was to become a good president. He decided to go after the presidency at the wrong time, which could tarnish his legacy and the future of other politicians. Any entity who has true intentions to change America will struggle to attract future support.

Moreover, Obama has backed away from delivering his promises because even he knows they are impossible requests in such a short time. He was been captured at eight different locations mentioning transparency, promising that the American people would have the chance to watch the policymaking process on C-Span.

Essentially, transparency is process that the government doesn't want to maintain at this current time. The media will continue to convince the people, therefore influencing them to abandon support on important issues they don't fully understand. For now, President Obama has to find a way in building back the trust he established during his historical campaign.

Transparency is one of the first promises that must be honored. America is counting on President Obama to be truthful about his promises, thus, making transparency an impending obligation to consider, yet once again.

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