Thursday, January 7, 2010

Check out the "Apocalypse Man" on the History Channel

I watched the Apocalypse Man on the History Channel, which I might add is a good program. The protagonist educates the viewer on how to survive after an apocalypse. The show is well informative. While an end is discussed in the Bible, one has to consider a possible conflict which can lead to the destruction of civilization.

The protagonist determines information as a primary skill that is demanded. Knowledge holds extensive power in civil unrest because the Internet and other information centers will be nonfunctional. Having diverse knowledge in many areas prepares a person to move around.

The filmmakers did a good job with shooting the film, making a viewer feel as if they are isolated throughout the viewing. The landmarks in the film are useful to setting up an end of days environment.

What is a person's goal after an apocalypse? The protagonist suggests that finding resources will improve your chance at survival. Though it is hard to survive without having any access to communicate with other humans, the only real individual you can count on is yourself.

The protagonist constantly mentions securing yourself from unwanted conflict. Any person that is alone has the tendency to fall into a psychological slump. The same theme occurs in most films involving an end. Finding people that are not a threat requires meeting them on terms other then unplanned run-ins.

Whenever you have a free moment, watch this program. It is really useful. Remember; you are all you have to surviving after an apocalypse.

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