Thursday, December 31, 2009

Be careful who you trust

I recently agreed to write a paper for a UC Irvine student. He promised that he would pay for the work, instead he stiffed me and made up a ton of excuses in the process. Many people will do anything to take advantage. Value your time wisely. You deserve respect for the work you do.

This student demanded what he wanted, but ignored his promise to pay. He decided after numerous messages that he wanted more work and asked for it to be on time. The work was on time, but he decided that his cousin needed work, as well. This is coming from a student that claims to have a 4.0 GPA and wants to attend law school. Interesting assessment; he couldn't write a simple 6 page essay on a case study using two different schools of jurisprudence. That is the basic standard of law itself.

Seriously, either this student is deceiving people about his GPA, or he is one of those people that talk, but can't back it up. I would have never taken on his paper if I went with my gut instinct. The only messages this student sent was about watching the Lakers game, running errands and another responded on his phone that he left his phone there. They even said that he was responsible. I highly doubt that. No person makes someone do their work and just abandons their responsibility to compensate that person for doing it.

This student also mentioned he couldn't receive long text messages. I remembered that he has an IPhone, which can receive long messages broken up into segments. People try to make up excuses, but tend to forget what they communicate at an earlier time. This student had the time to go out and do whatever he wanted, while I had no money to do nothing because he ripped me off. Moreover, he had the nerve to make demands about future projects when he hadn't taken care of what was done for him in present time.

Avoid these type of people at all costs. They will step all over you. If you are one of those people that have been taken advantage of, change your ways to save your time and to prevent you from losing money.

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