Sunday, October 18, 2009

Writing tip for the day 10/18/09

The writing tip for the day is to explore history. Find one piece of history that you find interesting; write a 1-2 page assessment on how you can relate your interests to this moment in history. This writing tip of the day will briefly explore the value of history in the writing process.

The history channel seasons their viewers with historical people, time, civilizations, and other interesting content. In listening to the narrator speak of history, the writing always seem to be perfected in such a way increases that it increases the oxygen levels within the brain. The exciting history perspectives are useful for assisting both students and writers with defeating time management issues.

The main reason people fail in the writing process is because of impossible demands. Many times an instructor expects their students to conduct extensive research, even knowing that the process is sure to compete with personal and financial obligations.

The history channel offers an escape from a stressful society. Moreover, history invigorates the mind to change the accustomed, and repetitive boredom that drags down the writing process.

I would recommend watching the exclusive show, "Life without People, Population 0." Write an assessment about the series; include what you think of life, what complicates it, and how the world would change without humans. You don't have to be too critical in making the assessment.

Once you complete the 1-2 page assessment on the show or series, make an attempt to write whatever has eluded you before the history activity. I'm confident that exposing your mind to history will assist you with the writing process. Thank for your reading the writing tip of the day.

Use your fascination with history to become a more effective writer.

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