Sunday, October 18, 2009

Don't submit to - Scam is an ineffective company that is unethical. They're always quick to reject photo submissions. but never take the time to assist their members with the process. I have made two attempts to submit 10 photos; each time a different batch of photos were rejected for the same reasons. They expect rejected members to wait for 30 days before resubmitting photos again.

I don't know who is running this company. Whenever I have questions, they always send the same forum links, which only have complaining members that dislike the company guidelines. I spent many years studying film; so basically I have experience with taking photographs and shooting videos. is looking for amateur photographers, but base their rejections on quality using professional merits. Save yourself time and avoid this company. I haven't made a single penny from them. They also make the submission process a nightmare to contend with. It seems that Internet companies that want amateur photos are only looking to profit from others. markets their business to attract both amateur and professional work, but they keep rejecting samples using impossible guidelines. Don't rely on this company to make a living. Take your photos to Insert them into the "How to" articles to make money. At least you're helping others while also making money in the process.

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