Monday, October 5, 2009

Writing Tip for the day 10/05/09

The writing tip for the day is to use flashcards to either structure scenes or to outline papers. Planning ahead of the writing process reduces writer's block and procrastination. This writing tip of the day will explore ways to improve the writing process through organizing scenes and outlining content on flashcards.

Procrastination and writer's block interferes with the writing process. Flashcards add another dimension to the writing process. Students and writers know how hard writing can be at times, especially when the words stop flowing. Flashcards organize thoughts, keeping the focus close to the main points.

Write down the main points on the front side of each flashcard. On the back side, include a brief summary. Organizing scenes and outlining a paper beforehand improves the writing process. Imagine how difficult it would be to drive to a location without having the right directions.

Think of flashcards as being road signs that guide scenes and papers to the right destination. Writers and students experience problems with the writing process because they avoid planning ahead of the writing process.

Flashcards organize the main points to prevent procrastination and writer's block. Thank you for reading the writing tip of the day.

Have fun using flashcards to organize your scenes and papers.

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