Monday, October 5, 2009

Stress is catching up to me and millions of others

For the past 15 years, I have been going through unhealthy stress. A majority of the stress is related to financial distress. Financial distress is like a social disease that affects both physical and mental health.

Researchers and health care providers determine that stress is a slow killer. Little do we know, stress is making our internal organs react to an overloaded mind filled with excessive pressure and stress. What can we to keep from falling into the stress trap?

Millions of people are trying to weather the financial storm. The 2008 Stock Market fiasco ruined the lives of many hard working people. Students find it hard to juggle college along with maintaining financial responsibilities. Life is more stressful than it is relaxing. There are things that we can do to empower stress.

Lately, I have been feeling more chest pain than usual. The burning sensation lingers near the lower part of my sternum. I'm not sure what is going on with my healthy. I know that two decades of high stress is going to cause me some serious health problems. My stress is also causing me to worry about family health risks - diabetes, high blood pressure, PAD, and other medical conditions.

After making it through the stressful journey in the military (worked in a stress environment in the hospital), dealing with the pressure of college, financial hardship, and other unfortunate struggles, there comes a time where I have to relax. I know that it's hard to relax, especially when life struggles are dealing me bad cards.

People need to avoid the financial storm. Purchase the Sunday paper; you will find coupons in the body of the paper. Try to avoid falling into the technology upgrade trap. It is not wise to make unnecessary purchases. Every person finds out that having financial security reduces stress. I'm not saying that money is everything, but people need it to support their families.

Without money, a people stressed about medical insurance, renter's or home owner's insurance, food, car insurance, property taxes, mortgage, car payment, credit cards, student loans, tuition payments, gas, and many other recurring bills. Just thinking about bills gives me chest pain. I have a strong mind that keeps me from losing control of any situation. I'm always thinking about alternatives to every situation. If one situation fails to work, I'll find another solution. But really, money is important to living a healthy life.

Try to save as much money as you can without wasting it on material wants. In the future, things will surely get better. Right now, it is not a good time to struggle. I'm lucky to have family and friends to help me out. Many people are unable find assistance to make it out of the financial storm. We need to help others that are struggling to make a healthy living. People shouldn't worry about what they will receive in return. Please help others to reduce their stress.

Living a stressful will catch to any person. No person is immune to the effects of stress. Stress will take over the body and mind. We have to work as a team to make it through the tough times. Extend a helping hand to a person in need.

I can assure that being generous will make you feel much better than material gains. The smiles that comes from rescue victims is well worth the effort. Even though I have ensured ongoing stress, I always make it a point to help out those in need. when you help another, you appreciate your life struggles, furthermore, reducing your stress. Open your arms to change a life today.

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