Saturday, September 5, 2009

Writing tip for the day 9/5/09

The writing tip of the day is to write a fact piece. What is a fact piece? Essentially, a fact piece combines personal story with facts in-between the real events. Why take part in the fact piece writing activity?

A fact piece gives a writer incentive to research facts that are similar to their personal life story. If a person is writing a story about a casino, they can combine facts about gambling addition between the narrative events. An example below demonstrates the process.


Judy fiercely pulls the lever on a slot machine. Her skin appears dry. A hint of moisture coats her forehead like cake frosting. She licks her dry lips to moisten them. Elderly casino patrons pass by, trying to look for an open machine. Some of the elderly have those motorized carts, which carry oxygen bottles in the back compartment.

One elderly man swipes his credit card in the ATM machine. His scans the casino floor, intently focusing on one open machine. The spindling of the money breaks his concentration. He quickly grabs the money, and rushes off to the machine.

"Elderly people make up the target gambling audience. They invest time, and their life savings into slot machines. Casino send marketing literature to elderly patrons, offering free accommodations, and buffet incentives to entice them."

A fact piece helps one associate the creative personal story with real facts. Writing creative stories about your life are fun. Adding facts in-between spice up the story, making the piece realistic, and something that is important. A fact piece reads like a new piece. How can you begin writing a fact piece?

Think of an experience that excite you, one you want to inform others about; it can be anything. You can even write about your pets. Locate common facts about the subject matter. If you're writing about a rescue dog, include facts about the number of rescue dogs that live in shelters. Discuss the number of rescue pets that experience abuse. Be consistent with the facts you choose to focus on throughout the body of work.

Writing a fact piece will make you a better researcher, and a better academic writers. Any writer can use the fact piece to improve their research skills. Screenwriters have to do fact-based research to prepare screenplays. The story doesn't have to be entirely real, but including facts bring out the life in a piece.

I have been writing blogs for the past three months. To this day, I have only a few followers. Even with investing time leaving comments, having a Twitter, and a Facebook account, finding an audience is challenging. Maybe I will consider writing fact pieces about popular issues. I have written some good articles responding to other bodies of work.

People trust articles from credible sources. Professionally driven articles on reliable websites attract a large audience because there are facts involved. News writers prepare article based on researching facts. They assemble news reels to report the facts. Fact pieces have the resonance of music.

Find a personal experience that inspires, or one that you think assists another to make a batter decision. Research some facts that focus on the theme of the story. In actuality, a fact piece is like an academic research paper. Students conduct research to locate facts, which helps them to write research papers.

Writing a fact piece is sure to be fun, and also very rewarding. I have written facts pieces in university creative writing courses. I remember hearing students read their fact pieces. From experience, I can tell you that the fact piece is fun because you have the ability to act as a news reporter. Thank you for reading the writing tip for the day.

Have fun writing the fact piece; be creative to write your stylish fact piece.

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