Friday, September 4, 2009

The Blackberry of Doom

For the past few years, I have been using a Blackberry Curve 8300. In the past few months, the scroll wheel started acting up, no longer responding. The scroll wheel goes up, side-to-side, but not done. I need the wheel to roll down because I can't shut off the alarm, check any text messages, and scroll down to any program below the breaking point.

My Blackberry is giving me headaches. A few times today, I found myself wanting to throw the phone across the apartment, but realized that I would be out of a phone. I want to get the new 3 Gs Iphone. Right now, I only have half of the amount. I don't want to get the 8GB or 16GB version. The 32 GB for $300 is a great deal, considering that my Apple Powerbook only has a 60GB hard drive.

Blackberry's poor designed scroll wheels is frustrating to the point that I may have to start using an old LG phone again. The scroll wheel is a total disaster. Tried to avoid purchasing any phone that has a scroll wheel. Without a functioning scroll, thre is no way to surf around the various applications. The only way I can check my text messages is to start from the oldest message.

The next time you plan to purchase a new cellular phone, avoid any that has the scroll ball in the center. Trust me, it is no worth the frustration in dealing with the obstacles of trying to maneuver around the phone. Imagine if your Laptop mouse failed to work, and you were unable to surf around the web. My Blackberry makes me feel the same exact way right about now.

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