Friday, September 4, 2009

Writing tip for the day 9/4/09

The writing tip for the day is to write about a trip, either current, or a past one. Writing about a trip sparks interest in the writing. Usually, most trips are fun and exciting. People take trips to relax the mind. They want to get away from all the pressure, the expectations, and stress. Writing about a trip is rewarding because there is strong potential for a good story.

While on a vaction, or after you arrive back home, take the time to write about your trip. Think about the weather. Was it hot or cold? Was the sky clear or did it have clouds? The type of people - personalities, physical, and their mood. Was there any conflict? Were a couple angering about something? Did you notice anything that different than other places? When preparing the review, as yourself questions.

The writing process is never easy. It presents many challenges, making you sometimes feel as it's a job. Writing jobs are demanding, but the writers that do them enjoy the work. Most of the time, they are living their dream. Writing about something interesting such as a current, or past trip will condition your mind to associate writing as something interesting.

In writing well, a person has to want to write. Students that avoid writing only make the act of doing the practice stressful. Writing about a trip, even if it's only a half page, will keep your creative mind on standby. Writing about a current trip will keep the information fresh, and full of life. Past trips also have that same impact, but one has tap into their memory back to resurface the events.

You will find that writing about a trip will make boring subject more interesting? Why? When you writing an academic project, or a professional article, you can ask questions in your mind about the scenery. What would it be like to go on a trip the place. Every assignment has a physical location. In writing about business, you have the ability to imagine New York City. A government pieces enter the Washington D.C. forum. the Revolutions of 1849 go into the European venues. World War II delves into the Paris, Italy, and other fascinating cities.

If there is no physical location, find out the person that developed the idea. What are they from? Find a trip in every body of writing. Credible sources that you use have publishing cities, and many times other countries. Train your mind to associate every body of work with a physical location - a trip to encourage the mind never to lose interest in the writing process. Thank you for reading the writing tip for the day.

Have fun reflecting on a trip, or making on to capture the attention of the mind

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