Friday, September 4, 2009

Writing tip for the day 8/03/09

The writing tip for the day is to find a scenic photograph you have taken before. Once you locate this mesmerizing image, sit down, and analyze it. Allow your mind to enter the visual space. Imagine characters walking around, interacting, and going about their daily activities. Photographs have the ability to spark the unconscious mind.

Photographs alert the visual senses. Visual perception consists of two processes. There is the conscious one that processes information in real-time. Then there is also the subconscious visual perception, which deals with processing images at the rate of more than 10+ million bits per second. A person can't fathom the speed of such processes because they take place without anyone ever knowing. It's more like silent visual processing, which activate on cue, and without any warning.

As a writer analyzing a photograph, write a one page summary, describe the scenery using creative language. The goal of this exercise is to induce visual creativity, which in result also rewards a writer with an ability to write visual scenes on demand. Student can make use of this activity to write creative bodies of work. Employing the visual perception transforms a mind form a spectator into one that consists of critical analysis.

Film fans watch movies for pure enjoyment. Film critics break down films using creative flavor, providing necessary feedback to influence a moviegoer. A director makes a film with a vision. They imagine the script playing in their minds, and capture the reality of a project.

A screenwriter is an architect of a film; they have to construct scenes using visual, auditory dialogue and sounds, and format the story in such a way which creates excitement. Analyzing a photo will put you in the same league as other professionals - using a creative mind to create stories.

I urge you to try this photo activity. You will be surprised on how much better you can write creative descriptions. Analyzing a photographs using a visual perception will spark the internal sensory of the mind - cognitive perception - help you analysis writing and visual art. After taking part in this visual perception activity - imagining, describing, and analyzing - prepare a story right award.

You will immediately notice your mind flowing with ideas and words. Write a story using the photo as the setting for the scene. Visual subconscious and conscious perception have their own sense of power.

Have fun using the writing tip to advance your creativity. Remember; check out the daily writing tips, and keep up with them to improve your writing abilities.

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