Saturday, September 12, 2009

Writing tip for the day 9/12/09

The writing tip for the day is to visit a museum. It doesn't have to be one of those modern art museums that charge you an admission fee. Any museum will do just fine. This writing tip will increase your interest for history. If you're not already a history buff, then you will find a museum an exciting part of your day.

While driving to Northern California to visit my family, I always see a Railroad Museum off the side of the road. Even though the museum is approximately 7 miles from my parent's home, I can never find the time to stop there. Maybe next time, near the holiday season, I will take the time to visit the railroad museum.

In 2005, my fiance and I went on a cross-country road trip to deliver her dog to her parents out in Orlando, Florida. We drove from San Jose, Ca to Orlando, Florida in four days. It was a really nice to see other States' outside of California. As we passed through Arizona, I saw this dinosaur museum park I wanted to visit.

Due to the lack of time, we had to continue on out journey. We didn't have the time to visit Roswell, New Mexico. Time is always a factor in our busy life. We have to drop off the dog, and then fly back home because of college final exams. There are so many time that I just wanted to go on a journey, out to a place that I have never seen before.

Tomorrow, if I can find time, I want to visit a lighthouse. With being out in California, we have a rich tradition in Spanish style lighthouses. Many of the lighthouses were made in the 1700-1800's. If you live near the coast, visit Google, and type in lighthouses for your State. I'm sure that you will find one near your home. You may have to take a drive, but it will be worth well the trip. Lighthouses have the museum feel to them.

In Pasadena, there is a nice Southwestern museum there. It's an Indian museum that has a historical feel to it. Every museum gives a person that historical vibe. I appreciate, and value the importance of history.

New York City has many nice museums that are praised in the art community. San Francisco also takes pride in their history. They have the Legion of Honor Museum. In addition, the cable car museum features old out-of-commission cable cars.

If you live in Southern California, go out to Long Beach to visit the Queen Mary. Though they say the ship is haunted, don't be afraid of the stories unless you feel a tap, or hear a voice. The haunted tours are fun, and informational. Enjoy the historical element of the ship itself. The Queen Mary was used in World War II to transfer soldiers.

The most exciting museums to visit are ones that are in Europe. I always wanted to go out to Italy, France, and England. Virgin Airlines has these great package deals that take on a multi-city tour through the most popular cities in Europe. You will find the most exquisite artwork in the world there.

Egypt is be one of the most fascinating places on Earth because it holds thousands of years of history. If you can't visit Egypt, then check out one of those IMAX theaters that show Egypt from within. Visiting the Great Pyramids would be a dream experience. Read some literature on Egypt; ask your mind to take you on an adventure through the pyramids. Egypt is one of those places that you have to visit. I would put it on my Top 10 list of things to do before you die.

If you have the luxury of doing so, go on a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico. Visit all of the ports to witness the mesmerizing shrines, pyramids, and the history of Mexico. In art classes, I used to view slides of Pre-Colombian Art. Imagine if you had the ability to witness it in person. There is plenty of museums in most of the ports. Be sure that you stay close with your group. Don't wonder off with any stranger. Taking a cruise is a valuable. I still have yet to go on a cruise.

I enjoyed studying art in college. I always ventured outside of the film core classes to take art. As a writer, you have to adopt your visual senses in producing creative work. Many times our classes had to go on art trips. We never ventured outside of the State, only to the nearest museum to gather material for a term paper. I value the art classes for what it does for the mind - increase visual perception.

Take the time out of your busy schedule, and make a trip to any museum. The focus of the exercise is to see the history that comes along with history. Museums have a unique way of piecing together the grandest artwork, and the rarest artifacts to bring history to life.

If you can't find time to visit a museum, go downtown, and walk around in the shops there. Make sure to bring your digital camera along with you. I would recommend you have at least a 2gb+ memory card, and a backup battery. Take pictures of the downtown.

When you arrive back on home, write a fact piece about the history of the place. Think about the historical importance of the museum, or historical significance of the location. The writing exercise will give you the ability capture history through your own imagination Instead of reading, watching, or hearing about history, you can live the moment within your mind. Thank you for reading the writing tip for the day.

Have fun going on your journey to discover history in museum. Remember; Discover the passion for history in your mind - live the experience in your heart.

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