Saturday, September 12, 2009

Making money, referrals, and stuff

Please take advantage of the following website links. The AT&T link will give you access to their wide range of deals. Also, the referral code is provided below the AT&T logo. After you sign up for AT&T, please take advantage of the referral program so you can also make some cash too.

Cactus Coupon is a really cool website. Please follow the link on the side panel. It has coupons for everything you can possibly think of. When you sign up to get cash back for using their link, you will be rerouted to the main website that you want to shop on.

Why not make money for making purchases on the Internet. Cactus Coupons gives you cash back credit for making a purchase. Under each deal, they will supply you with the cash back percentage.

Instead of just going to Target, go through the Cactus Coupon link, which will take you to the same website. The trick is that Cactus coupons receives advertising revenue; they share a portion of it with you. Going through their website first will help you to make some money. You still have access to the all of the sales and deals to the many websites you enjoy shopping on.

Shutter stock is a company that allows members to download photos from people like us. Apply for an account to make money off of your photos and film stock. You still retain rights to the content.

Make sure you upload your best quality photos that have good lighting, composition, and are marketable. Shutter Stock charges vendors a flat rate fee to download pictures and film stock, which they can use for news footage, marketing, and other purposes. Make money with photos and film stock.

Check out all offers on the right side of blog. Thank you all for your support.

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