Friday, August 14, 2009

Writing tip for the day 8/14/2009

Screenwriters that are struggling to pay for ink and paper can go to libraries to print out 10 free pages a day. Make sure to save the project in PDF format. Many public libraries don't have Final Draft or scriptwriting software installed on their computers. Don't make the mistake of saving a screenplay in the wrong format, otherwise you will lose valuable time.

College writing labs may have the right scriptwriting software, but be sure to find out before you waste a trip. Visit the local library; print out 10 pages a day. In 10-12 days, you will have enough pages to bind an entire feature script together.

Many writers don't want to wait for 10-12 days to print out their screenplays. How many writers are going to be ready to send out their screenplays? The writers that send out their screenplays are usually the ones that have the resources to do so.

There are some brilliant writers that lack the resources. Whether they fear success or lack the funds necessary to purchase supplies and pay for the cost of postage, there is no reason to stall out the writing process.

If you're a struggling writing that needs to print out your script pages, consider going to the library. The library allows 10 pages free, then charge 15 cents for every additional page thereafter.

The benefit of printing out your screenplay at a library is that you will be inspired to produce 10 new pages a day, which is likely to motivate you to complete a screenplay.

Go to the library and save on ink and paper.

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