Friday, August 14, 2009

Feeling the words

When you write, do you ever feel the words leaving your mind? Sometimes I feel that when I write text messages, the words flow out of my mind. I can evaluate the words; immediately noticing whether the sentence structure is correct and if the words are in the right context. Writing has the same feel as running.

When I used to be a runner, I knew when I was performing at a high level. My breathing, pace, and the efficiency of a race or a training session brought out the best in me. While writing, I can determine if I'm not performing well. I start to criticize my work.

Revising and feeling the pressure of making the work right takes over the writing process. Instead of being something fun, writing transitions into a waking nightmare. At one point or another, every person is critical about their work.

Writing is one of those skills where one becomes amazed at how the words flow out of their mind; making their way onto a writing pad or on a computer screen. Many times you don't even think about what you're going to write, the words just flow like water running down a ravine. Water doesn't think about the direction it's going in, it just moves through whatever crevice or path that is clear of barriers.

In the past year, I noticed the feeling of words leaving my mind while preparing text messages. Whenever I sent a text message, I would evaluate the sentence to determine whether the words were in the right context and if the sentence structure had zest to it.

Revising a project is far more complex than preparing an original idea or concept. The same theory applies for everything in life, as fixing mistakes are much harder than making the right decision the first time around. The next time you write a text message, pay attention to whether you feel the words.

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