Tuesday, August 4, 2009


While surfing the Internet, I found a website, Websiteoutlook.com. On the site, you can put in the name of any website and it will give you dollar value, site traffic, site ranking, and the daily advertisement revenue.

Google generates the most traffic, with over 1 billion visitors a day. The site is valued at $2.1 billion. Yahoo also receives a huge amount of traffic; make a large amount of revenue and are valued at over $1 billion. Blogspot is worth over $300 million. Youtube has a site value of $600 million. Facebook also estimated to be worth $600 million. Websites can generate a huge advertising revenue.

The next time you want to start a website, do some research about which sites generate the most traffic and have the earning potential. The goal is to attract as much traffic as possible, which gives one a good chance to make advertising revenue.

Try to create a site that has misspellings to popular websites. Think of some creative website names that companies may purchase from you in the future.

Remember; a good website, marketing, and site traffic are the key to success. Websiteoutlook.com has the value of websites, shows the daily traffic numbers, ranking, daily advertisement revenue, and the website headquarter.

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