Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Being on Time

Being on time is respectful and courteous. Why should a person be on time? Yesterday made me realize that I need to change my habits.

My physical therapy appointment was scheduled for 10am in the morning. Since the drive is about 25 minutes, I should have left at 9:15am. Instead, I left at 9:50am.

When I got closer to the clinic, I called and told the receptionist to tell my physical therapist that I was almost there. By this time, it was already 10:10.

I quickly parked, ran to the front entrance, and made it into the physical therapy clinic at approximately 10:15am.

The physical therapist spent a few minutes preparing for the session. I never thought anything about being late until the next patient arrived early to his appointment.

The patient had to wait until 11:20am to be seen. He most likely left his home early, and then had to wait because I was late. The physical therapist had to rush, making it look as it she was the one that caused the delay.

I felt bad because when I looked at the patient waiting and the physical therapist rushing, it made me think about how irresponsible I was about not being punctual.

For now on, I will make it a point to be on time. When you're late, not only is it rude, you make other responsible people rush and also wait for you.

Being on time to work, school, appointments, interviews, and for anything else is respectful, responsible, and courteous.

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