Thursday, August 27, 2009

Never buy a Blackberry

Blackberry phones are the worst cellular phones in the market. Once the scroll wheel becomes moist, it will not react. At first, I was sold on the Blackberry Curve.

After struggling with the scroll wheel as of late, I have given up on Blackberry phones. Without a reactive wheel, the phone is useless. It's just like trying to use a computer without a working mouse.

Next time you're shopping for a phone, avoid looking at ones that have those swivel wheels - most Blackberry phones have them. The last thing you wan is to send a message or a picture you didn't select, or be unable to scroll through contacts, and text messages.

With time being a constant issue, I have to schedule in process. Blackberry phones that have the swivel wheel disrupt my schedule. Blackberry phones get 0 stars.

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